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About us

About us

The brand “BOTANICA” is the result of over than ten years of study and specialization in the field of ayurvedic and natural cosmetics. The collaboration with an Indian company leader in the cosmetics field was an opportunity to create a product line with completely vegetal and natural active principles, which are extract from the best plants present in the Indian territory. Besides to offer a top-quality product, “BOTANICA” products have been studied also in respect of the ayurvedic practice, which is based on the human physical, psychical and spiritual care and wellbeing by using herbs and their rich beneficial proprieties.

The force of “BOTANICA” is to be based on the most recent scientific and medical researches about the ageing of the skin, on careful checks and on clinical studies consolidated by long experience. This allows to offer products with 100% natural active principles without any contraindication, for all types of skins, which are able to satisfy the requirements of all types of customers, from the private customers to the professionals.

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About us

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To be ahead of the times about the present international cosmetics market trend about a “green” and “clean” product, “BOTANICA” products can claim the use of high percentages of pure active principles, 100% natural and extract from the best plants of Aloe Vera, Sesame and Tulsi, the absence of petrolatum, paraffin, parabens and silicones, and the guarantee to offer sure results. As the ayurvedic practice teaches and passes on, the choice of using high percentages of active principles has been take to preserve their maximum curative and beneficial efficacy and effect on the skin, in order to guarantee quick and visible results.

By respecting the environment, the health customer and the ayurvedic theory, “BOTANICA” line is manufactured exclusively with vegetal raw materials supplied from the harvesting of spontaneous herbs and it is free from unsafe active principles as allergenics and irritants. It does not contain GMO or irradiated ingredients for germicidal or bacterial/fungicide purposes, and neither the ingredients nor the finished product have been tested on animals. Our goal is to offer and to guarantee an effective natural top-quality product both to the professional and skilled workers in the esthetics and therapeutic field, which will be able to appreciate the beneficial and curative effects of the products thanks to their theoretical and practical knowledge about the body care and wellbeing. But also the private customer will be able to appreciate the validity and the effectiveness of a unique and extraordinary product.

About us
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About us

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