Aloe Hydro Gel

Gel, idratante e rinfrescante.

Aloe Hydro Gel is an excellent moisturizing and refreshing product and its lenitive properties are absolutely remarkable.

It is a useful coadjutor in the process of regeneration of the tissues. In fact:

It deeply moisturizes the skin thanks to its high level of penetration

It stimulates the normal cellular metabolism and accelerates the process of healing

It actives the lymphatic and blood circulation

It anaesthetizes the tissues relieving pain due to degenerative problems of the articulations

It is also bactericidal, fungicide and anti-inflammatory.

Botanica Aloe Hydro Gel prevents from irritations caused by the ultraviolet radiations  and has an anti-irritative property by blocking the onset of the itching.

The particular combination of its active principles makes Botanica Aloe Hydro Gel both a cosmetic and a clinic prerequisite remedy for everybody.

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Available formats:

Aloe Hydro Gel
150 ml.

Cosmetic Use – Face and Body

Botanica Aloe Hydro Gel keeps the right moisturizing level of the skin and, at the same time, it combats the damages caused by the ultraviolet radiations in a very natural form.

A massage with Botanica Aloe Hydro Gel restores the skin to its normal, physiological conditions in a very short time, avoiding anaesthetic consequences like unevenness, spots and scars.

In case of burns, abrasions or excessive exposure to the sun light, Botanica Aloe Hydro Gel works out the following actions:

  • Soothing and bacterium-static
  • Regenerating and emollient
  • Cicatrizing and protecting

Clinic use

Botanica Aloe Hydro Gel has anti-inflammatory, protective and refreshing properties.

It is very useful in those pathologies of the skin caused by perspiration and skin friction.

Its formula assures a sudden sensation of freshness, producing, at the same time, a protective screen against harmful agents.

It is particularly suggested to reduce inflammation of private and delicate parts of the body, to treat bedsores as well as babies skin.

Botanica Aloe Hydro Gel can be spread over wounds to provide speedy recovery by means of vasodilatation and, consequently, more influx of blood to the wounds. In fact:

  • it improves the cellular regeneration
  • it relieves from pain and itching of any kind of wound
  • it has a soothing effect


A topical use of Botanica Aloe Hydro Gel helps to restore the immunity system in case of burns, superficial wounds or deeper surgical wounds and other skin lesions as rushes or dermatitis.

This gel is commonly used during post operation treatments (ulcers and bed-sores etc.), plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Botanica Aloe Hydro Gel is frequently used in veterinary medicine.

How to use:

Botanica Aloe Hydro Gel must be smoothly spread over the clean skin with a gentle massage day and night.

It suits any kind of skin and it is useful as sebum balancing and normalizing night mask for acneous skin.

It is ideal to be used around the eyes and on the neck, in so far it is easly absorbed and does not grease.

If regurarly used, it makes the skin supplier and radiant and it prevents from the tissues from losing their elasticity.

Due to its particular properties, the cream can be used all over the body giving it a new vitality and energy.

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