Botanica Cream

Crema, Aloe Vera e Tulsi

Botanica Cream is the first cream, which matches the effects of Aloe Vera and Tulsi; a natural product, which gives a real cellular renewal even to the most strained epidermis.

Thanks to its soothing properties, all the body recovers its well-being. The cream is an optimum mosturizer: an height of vitality and energy, which gives immediately a younger look.

Botanica Creamhas been carefully designed to prevent the main causes of the skin ageing:

Cell regenerator


Natural moisturizing

Spots and small scars of the skin prevention

Prevention and combat of reddening, irritations and chaps of the skin provoked by sun rashes, abrasions and burns.

Botanica is hypo-allergenic and does not contain colourings

Crema Botanica

Available formats:

Cream Deli Botanica
50 ml.

Main benefits

Botanica Cream has been carefully designed to prevent the main causes of the skin ageing.

  • Slow metabolism of the skin
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Exposure to sun radiations

Botanica Cream is biologically active and contains enzymes, which stimulate the metabolism of the skin. It contains aminoacids, vitamin C and minerals, which are food for the skin, keeping it naturally moisturized, elastic and radiant.

The gel contained in the leaves of the Aloe Vera helps to remove the dead cells and to regenerate the healthy tissues; it also contains some important salycilates and antranilline, which last block the harmful radiation of the sun forming a natural and protective screen.

How to use

Botanica Tulsi and Aloe Cream must be smoothly spread over the clean skin day and night.

It suits all kind of skin and can be also applied around the eyes and on the neck, in so far as it is easily absorbed and does not grease.

If regularly used, it makes the skin supple and radiant, and gradually helps to reduce the wrinkles.

Due to its particular properties, the cream can be used all over the body giving it a new vitality and energy.

Discover the active ingredients:

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