What does it mean ayurvedic product?

The term Ayurveda is composed by the words ayur, longevity, and veda, revealed knowledge. It often is wrongly translated as “science of life”, but indeed it is a wide and complex medical system including both curative and preventive aspects which, if strictly applied, would permit to live longer, to improve one's own health and to respect one's own body.

In fact, the Ayurveda concerns in all respects the man's well-being from the phisical, psichical and spiritual point of view dealing with patologies as well as the normal state of health being. Its goal is to take care, but also to maintain the state of well-being preventing from deseases.

A product can be defined as ayurvedic, when its preparation respects the rituals of the ancient traditional metodologies, mantaining their purity and originality because each preparation was born from a careful selection of the plants and from a choice of the parts that must be processed. Therefore, each formulation is a precise combination of established plants in order to obtain a sinergic action according to the strict procedures as provided in the formulations described in the ancient vedic books.

What does distinguish the Botanica line from the other Aloe Vera based products present in the cosmetic market?

First of all, we offer an highest quality product that assures sure and certain results. Botanica line can boast the use of a very high percentage of 100% pure and natural active principles that are extract from the best plants of Aloe Vera, Sesame and Tulsi in order to preserve their maximum efficacy and curative and beneficial action on the skin.

Botanica line is realized exclusively with Indian vegetable raw materials and does not contain any risk non-vegetable active principles, such as allergenics and irritants. It does not contain any ingredients from GMO or from organisms that have been irradiated for germicidal or bactericidal/fungicidal purpose. Moreover either the ingredients or the end product are tested on animals.

Why a cosmetic line constituted by only three products?
The ayurvedic remedy should be intented as a general state of well-being promoter, so there is no need to use more products in order to take care for different parts of the body. Botanica line offers only one product in three different formulation as cream, gel and oil that can be used on face, body and hair. Each one suits at best according to the part to be treated, to the method of application and to the result to reach.
Where can Botanica line be found?

Our products can be found in the best perfumeries, herbalist's shops, specialized shops and professional studies.

In which body care fields is used Botanica line?
Thanks to its excellent quality and its versality of use, Botanica products can be used in all fields concerning the body care such as beauty centers, tanning centers, fitness centers, sport centers, but also in more specific curative and medical fields such as riabilitation centers and nursing homes.
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